Monday, 10 December 2012

Sense of Hearing

The structure of ear

Parts of Ear
Collects sound waves
Ear canal
Directs sound waves to the eardrum
Ear drum
Vibrates when hit by sound waves
Make the vibrations of sound stronger
Contains fluid and receptors, changes sound vibration into impulses.
Auditory nerve
Carries impulses to brain
Balance canal (semicircular canal)
Contain fluid, helps us keep our balance
Eustachian tube
Keep air pressure equal on both sides of eardrum.

Watch this video to understand how we hear: Hearing Process

Summary of Hearing Process (click the picture to enlarge)

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  1. This sound passes though the inner ear canal ,
    the midel ear and the tree small bones.
    Then the souds reach the corchlea and the auditory nerve.
    The auditory nerve sends signals to the brain.
    Some people not hearing good ,
    deafness means the loss of the sense .click here